“the Human Threat to World’s Natural Environment and Tremendous Amount of Damage Done All Throughout Man’s History.” Write an Cause and Effect Essay on This Subject.

Topics: Natural environment, Ecology, Human Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: August 15, 2011
Human beings have lived in the natural environment without concerning any long-term consequences of their consumptions until the last few decades. However, people have realized some sudden and unexpected changes in the environment such as melting polar ice, suddenly decrease or increase in level of oceans/seas and scarcity of natural resources and all these changes are called “Global Warming”, a real threat for all human beings. Nowadays there have been many surveys in order to determine reasons and effects of this danger. While its causes are ordered as consuming natural resources unconsciously and wasting disposal matter to natural environment, people should be aware the effects of Global Warming and try to take action immediately as soon as possible. While the underlying reasons of this environmental threat are considered, it can be stated that the major reasons are consuming natural resources unconsciously and wasting dangerous and chemical thrash through the natural environment where all life beings maintain their lives. Consuming the natural sources can be observed in different ways like water consumption, energy consumption, trees cut down, usage of hazardous chemical materials or many others. All these natural resources are not unlimited and unfortunately the natural environment cannot produce these sources as fast as people consume. Therefore, this consumption causes a considerable reduction on the natural resource like water, plants, trees or natural energy sources which are absolute must for not only humans but also other life beings. On the other hand, another reason that should be emphasized that majority of people are not aware of the wasting hazardous trash to environment. Most of the people do not deal with the consequences of their cars’ dangerous smoke or a growing number of factories throw out their wastes to oceans or near to residential areas. How many people concern about their own wastes? These can be seemed as simple example but the number...
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