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Topics: Christianity, Christian terms, Methodism Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Christian Church Traditions
1. The approximate date Methodism first formed was 1744
2. John and Charles Wesley formed a devotional study group called “Holy Club” while he was in University and the name “Methodist” was given by other fellow students because of their methodical way of being religious. 3. John Wesley, Charles Wesley and George Whitefield are the three important figures in founding Methodism. 4. For John Wesley and Charles Wesley, they were the first ones to create Methodism when they first founded the devotional groups in collage. For George Whitefield, he was the most Methodist preacher giving lots of influence to the Churches. 5. 5 Core beliefs of Methodism

* We are all sinners and this leads us to spiritual death and separation from God. * Jesus Christ the Son of God came to earth lived and died on the cross to save us from sin and to give us eternal life. * You should be reborn in Jesus Christ

* We have to minister by Holy Spirit to the world
* Jesus Christ has gone to prepare a place for us and will be coming back to us where there will be everlasting communion with God. 6. Church Building three elements of the church architecture/design 7. The order of worship- first is worshiping and then pray, and then sermon and then tithing, notice, blessing. 8. The Sermon- this is different for different pastors because they each have their own style. It is mostly in formal language and the time is 20minutes or above. 9. The Pastor- the term Pastor is used and there is a youth pastor. There is one main pastor and other sub-pastors. In Methodist the director is really important. The director of Methodist has a lot of power. 10. Religious Clothing- this is similar with other church traditions where you must wear formal clothing and the tradition is to wear a robe. 11. Music Ministry- there is a worship team with instruments used and during worship only piano is used. 12. Tithing...
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