The House on Mango Street

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People got different lifes but a negative thought change it all. Esperanza feels alone and she interprets herself as a lonely girl with bad luck. At the beginning of the book she doesn´t accept who she is. She says that because she got the same name as her grandma she would have the same future as her, waiting for someone who changes her life. Esperanza´s negative view of herself, knowing and accepting where we have come from is an important part of growing up and determining who we are. Since the beginning we see that Esperanza has a negative view of herself and her family because of the money they have and the way they live. Esperanza said “you could never have too much sky… here there is too much sadness and not enough sky. Butterflies too are few and so and so are flowers and most of the things that are beautiful.” (p.33) This quote means that she´s not happy on the world and she one day wants to wake up on the sky so it protects her from everything bad that is happening to her. Esperanza starts ashamed of what does she needs that other people have but she ends with a happy face because she feels comfortable. “And Uncle spins me… my mom watches, my little cousins’ watches, and the boy of the first communion watches and everyone said… I forget that I´m wearing only ordinary shoes…” This means that because she believed on Uncle Nacho she felt calm about what they could think about her shoes instead of noticing how she dances. Esperanza sometimes wished for never forget where she comes from or who she is and sometimes she wishes on something stupid that one of those days will come true. “One day I will have a house on my own, but I won´t forget who I am or where I came from… (p.87)Make a wish?... I closed my eyes. Did you wish already? Yes I said…” (p. 104-105) this shows that she wants to not forget about her past but she wishes for a new future that she will never have in life, just her real future. Because Esperanza had a negative view...
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