The History of Modern Management

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The History of Modern Management
The value of history and theory of modern management have always been questioned by the community. To become modern management as it is today it had to run through a lot of complicated changes and developments. Several people assume that history was and is irrelevant to our contemporary society of the business world and that theory cannot be used in a practical way, as it is abstract. CITATION Gri02 \l 1031 (Griffin, 2002) As a matter of fact history and theory have always been relevant and should be taken seriously by all managers and organisations. In my essay I will discuss the different methods of classical management and how they have affected our current business world. To proof my thesis that modern management is influenced by history I need to take into consideration that it had to be changed over the years, always trying to follow the demand of the population. In the scientific approach, we will see that a manager needs to run through several steps until he can operate fast and reasonable. While discussing administrative management we will further see that without scientific management, there cannot exist the model of the administrative approach. Moreover I will review the advantages and disadvantages of the bureaucratic management and how it is still present in our contemporary business world. In my final remark you will be able to draw a conclusion of my studies followed by the understanding of the leading style modern management. Scientific Management:

Management started a long time ago. The idea of management is as old as the Egyptians, who built the Pyramids of Giza. They had to go through many different steps, using several managing tools and techniques until they could complete their massive projects. Later in time of the Industrial Revolution the growth of factories and mass production created a need for strong management processes. Businesses were expanding and booming, as a result,...

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