The History of Love

Topics: Love, The Stage Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: October 19, 2008
The Geography of Love
I’ll admit to the fact the seminar was not a complete waste of time, and I’ll admit the book is a bit interesting. I mean giving the slow start it has and the pretty confusing narrating. The History of Love is a pretty confusing book if I didn’t went to the seminar. For starter, I didn’t know that the symbols at the beginning of the chapters marked who is talking. I’m not done with the book yet. I’m about halfway, the part where Leo is looking at his book in the library, so it helps to know who is talking. Usually I just have to read two or three page into the chapter to figure out who is talking. It just makes me really mad to know who is speaking. Not like the book comes right out and tells you.

My favorite part of the seminar was the part where they showed the Carnegie’s Hall. It helps to visualize what Leo sees when he breaks into the place. It looks intimidating if you’re standing on the stage by yourself looking towards the empty audience. I like how they show the piano standing by itself on the stage. It adds class to the stage. I want to go see it now, just to see how big it really is.

The second part I liked is when they show the park where Alma Singer goes to read her mom’s letter. It adds the feeling that, as the speaker said, she feel guilty reading the letter so she had to go some place that is nice and quiet so she don’t feel so bad about it. She felt like she needs to hide so she goes there. Again, it’s another place I want to go to see how quiet it is. Although it amazed me that there is a place that hides most of the city in a very urbanized part of the country, New York.

Also I notice on the handout they gave, that Bruno was the only one without a last name. So far the book is kind of sad. I’m not a fan of bad endings so it makes me feels sad for Leo not getting to be with the one he loves. I don’t like how Leo and Alma not ending up together, and the fact that Alma marry another man does not...
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