A Satire on Love

Topics: Love, Plasma display, Happiness Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: February 4, 2006
What Does Love Got To Do With It

Love is a very complex emotion. People everywhere search for it, but some never find love. It is a very coveted thing. Many are willing to do whatever it takes in order to obtain it. In the end, love is said to bring true happiness. If finding love really brings true happiness, it sounds like a lot of unhappiness to get through.

Let us take a moment to examine love with this thing we call "love". The search for love makes people do crazy things. Think of all the stupid things people do. I've seen a guy who get beat to within an inch of his life for a girl, because he "loved" her. Sure it was hilarious to watch, but going through all that is ridiculous. Love gets to be extreme waste of time and money. Who wants to go around buying things for other people? All that money could be saved to spend on yourself. There could be a huge plasma television in your living room, or there could be some big extravagant jewelry on your loved one. Obviously the huge plasma television is what would make you happier. Dating alone must waste at least a quarter of your money earned. In the end, you are getting robbed in a sense. Why would are you going to make someone else happy, when you can make yourself happy? When you fall in love with someone, there must be a great deal of effort and time put into learning about the other person and trying to make a life with that person. It also cuts into the time you spend with your friends. Picture a scenario when you are out with your friends and you get a call from your girlfriend or boyfriend. Now they want to spend time with you, but plans have already been made to go do something else. There is really no choice in the matter. Time must be sacrificed with friends in order to spend time with the "significant other". Then if marriage occurs, you can kiss your friends and money goodbye. The average wedding costs about thirty thousand dollars. For that much money someone could buy most of some small...
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