The Health of China

Topics: Nutrition, Epidemiology, Health Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Summary: This article is generally about the health of China’s on growing population. Throughout the years, China’s population has grown wealthier, but at the same time, their health has been worsened due to their unhealthy habits and lifestyles, including poor diets, high blood pressure and smoking tobaccos. There are also environmental issues such as air pollution (smog) and indoor air pollution (which is caused by burning coal and wood); over exposure to such hazardous smog may cause respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis and lung cancer. According to researches, the average lifespan of China’s population has gradually increased, at the same time, the infant mortality rate has decreased. But the average number of children born each year dropped rapidly. It also said that children nowadays are healthier comparing to the earlier generations, due to less premature deaths from infectious diseases.

Comments: Health has always been a highly concerned issue across the globe, and as you can see, China’s public health has made significant changes over the years. According to the article, the average life span has increased throughout the past few decades, it has increased about 14 years on average. At the same time, the infant mortality has decreased rapidly due to better neonatal and maternal care. Another important factor is the improved hospital and medical facilities, as the Chinese government has now ramped up healthcare expenditure. Therefore, children nowadays are generally healthier than the past generations. But at the same time, there are many risks factors for long-term disability in China, such as poor eating habits and high blood pressure. Eating habits has always been crucial when it comes to health, nowadays China’s population are consuming too much salt and fat, which are mostly from eating fast foods. They prefer eating fast food over healthy foods as it is cheap and tasty at the same time, but they never thought about the consequences of eating...
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