The happy man

Topics: Narrative, Character, English-language films Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: April 1, 2014
1. Moem
2. Title – The Happy Man the only one of his kind, who achieved smth, then – who followed his dream. 3. Gist
4. Narrator - 1st person narrator (The narrator is the participant of the narrated event) The main character is the narrator. There is no any information about him in the text. Nevertheless we can judge about his character from his thoughts, behavior and speech. The description of his character is indirect. He is a wise man & a bit ironical towards life: he knows that it is impossible to know another person as well as oneself to give him/her advice which would be good for him/her. And he is bold & a bit careless enough for a man who dares to give the life changing advice to a man he see for the first time. - metaphors, for example: a prisoner in a solitary tower; prisoners; dark cloak of Destiny; finger of fate; the words were hardly out of his mouth.  5. Tonality is complicated, sounds speculating, engaged, curious, sympathizing just like the man who wants to help.It describes the feelings of the man who has been forced to point the finger of other man’s fate. The author uses different stylistic devices for this purpose.  6. Place. The events took place in London and Seville, Spain (gloomy, dull & rainy – shany, warm, carefree). The settings where the actions took place are the following: first it was a modest apartment and then an ordinary Spanish house with a patio. 7. Time is not stated exactly. We don’t know at what period of history the actions took place, but we know the time length of the narrated events and the amount of time during they occurred: many years later, fifteen at least.  This novel runs about a desperate man who confided his life to a total stranger. 8. The theme of the novel: a man’s search for happiness; the role of advice in the life of people. 9. Logical structure of the text. We can divide the novel into three logical parts in order to understand it better.  It is a narrative text. The key in the first part is...
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