Assignment: Human Voice and Music

Topics: Musical instrument, Singing, Human voice Pages: 10 (2473 words) Published: April 20, 2014
Answer each question thoroughly and completely.  Each question is worth up to 5 points, and the complete assignment is worth up to 30 points. 1.  The first task will be to introduce yourself and let me know what your background is in music and online learning.  Give your name, if you play (or have played) an instrument or sing, and if you've ever taken an online class.


My name is Huy Huynh and this is the third year of me in Golden West College. I have not had a chance to take choir nor any music-related classes before so my knowledge about music is not as wise, but I really like to listen to music and I'd love to know more and learn about the development of music. I have taken online classes before and I know that it requires self-study, self-discipline and independence more than on-campus courses.

2.  Explain why you have decided to take Music Appreciation online, and what two things you would like to get out of this class by the end of the course (besides a good grade).


I have decided to take Music Apprecation online because I am curious about how has music developed and how are the music in the past and present different. By the end of the course, the two things I would like to get out of this class with are the knowledge and an understanding of music in the past centuries.

3.  Part One in the book discusses the elements of music, including musical form.  Find a song that you like that utilizes binary, ternary, or call and response form.  Make sure you indicate the song title, artist, and how the song matches one of those forms.


Twinkle Twinkle by Jane Taylor is the song that I have thought of at this moment in which I think is Ternary form because it extends the idea of how shiny and mysterious the stars are in the little kids' eyes and departure by bringing back the first section.

4.  After reading and listening to the examples in the first few chapters, you have hopefully gained a little better understanding of pitch, range, and tone with instruments and voices.  Describe the many varieties of musical sounds possible from the human voice. Be sure to consider issues such as range, social function, historical period, and regional styles when constructing your answer.


Falsetto: is the lightest register and requires loose vocal cords and incomplete closure which produces a breathy voice that can sound quite feminine although it is generally used by men rather than women.

Falsetto is a higher range than the head voice; it relies on completely relaxed vocal folds and may sound breathy. Imagine the Bee Gees singing "Stayin' Alive", or Terry Jones playing an old woman in Monty Python; that is the sound of the falsetto voice. It is generally more obvious in men using it, but women, in the higher voices, usually use falsetto voice adjustments. It is a difficult register to sing accurately in, and it tends to be rather soft, except when there is amplification through resonance by a well-tuned vocal tract. It also requires an uncomfortable muscle effort for many men.

It is a quite distinct range from the head voice, and generally when singers describe their range they exclude the falsetto voice.

Falsetto is a singing technique that produces sounds pitched higher than the singer's normal range. Falsetto can also mean an artificially raised speaking pitch. This often occurs momentarily if repeatedly in males during puberty for psychosocial reasons. The break between voice registers, audible or not, is called the passaggio.

The falsetto register is used by male countertenors to approximate the register in classical voice that previously employed castrati, in pieces written before castratism became socially unacceptable and eventually universally outlawed. It is also used by many male rock and roll singers such as Jon Anderson of Yes, King Diamond of Mercyful Fate, Justin Hawkins of the Darkness and the solo artist David Usher to produce their over-the-top...
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