the greatness of birth

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Topic:Election Report 2013
From:Federal Elections Commission
To: Winosha Steele Antiguas sailing week

Antigua Sailing Week
Code Red
Constituency won
% of votes cast

Red Eye- Is a political party that wants to promote a higher level of education throughout the Federation and enable the young people to get training for jobs while living on their own island rather then going overseas. Code Red- focuses on the poor, the elderly and the under-privileged and would like to give better benefits to these people by promoting higher taxes for those who work. Antigua Sailing Week- is a party that wants to encourage foreign investment by tax-free incentives in the islands to create a “trickled-down” effect so that the poorer people will benefit from better employment opportunities

The 30 candidates representing each of the parties in their constituency were chosen based on their commitment to the parties ideals. Many of the Red Eye candidates were teachers or people working in education. The Code Red candidates were often coming from poorer backgrounds and therefore wanted to help people with less opportunity in life. The Antigua sailing week candidates were generally from more richer backgrounds with a higher level of education and saw the benefit of making the island attractive for investors.

The results of the election were that Antigua Sailing week won overwhelmingly because they convinced the voters to elect them by highlighting that if they were chosen, the island would have a sustainable way of producing employment for the people. They made people aware that if Code Red won, there would not be enough employed people to pay the taxes to be given as benefits to the poor. They also convinced the voters that it was a benefit for young people...
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