The Great Gatsby Book Anaylisis

Topics: Prohibition in the United States, New York City, United States Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: April 13, 2014
Amber Meadow
Ms. Bickley
English 102
11 March 2014

The Great Gatsby Setting Paper
This novel the Great Gatsby takes place in New York in 1922, during the prohibition era. During this time the use and sale of alcohol were illegal. Many people still used the product and sold it. The sellers of this product were often called bootleggers. Most importantly the story takes place in East and West egg. East egg is mainly were your rich characters like Daisy and Tom Live. These are your characters that have the fancier styled Houses. The more lavish things such as Horse stables and servants. The people on this side of town are the ones who are familiar with this lifestyle and not new to the rich lifestyle. The people in this side of town are honestly more snobbish, and care more about the opinions of others. In West egg the Middle and Upper Middle class citizens live. The houses are still nice but not over the top fancy with the exception of Gatsby’s house. Some people who live in this side of town are Nick and Gatsby. Nicks house is a little beaten down but livable place that he pays $ 80 dollars a month for. Nicks house stands by Gatsby’s almost out of place super home that is every poor persons dream. Gatsby has everything he could imaginably buy except for the love of his life Daisy. So he throws partys to try and impress daisy but she really never notices until she actually comes. Gatsby honestly has enough rooms in his house he just lets people live there. It dosent bother him. Another setting in this story is the “Valley of Ashes” where Myrtle and George Live. This is located between West egg and New York City. George Wilson owns a garage that is in the “ Valley of Ashes.” Tom often goes to George’s garage to pick up his mistress who happens to be George’s wife Myrtle. In the “Valley of Ashes” I would say this is where life is a struggle. This is where I would say those who live of pay check to pay check can be found. I would say the proof is in...
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