The Good Things About Filipinos

Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: September 13, 2011
The Good Things about Filipinos

Amidst all the negative things hurled to us, Filipinos, by peoples from various and distant lands (or even by our own blood-brothers), it will never be denied that we have good characteristics that we can be proud of. We even have attitudes that we are the only ones who have. These good things about us are those that compensate for the almost indelible negative things that we have. And majority of them are obviously the product of being imprisoned for more than three hundred years in the convent and almost fifty years of being lost in Hollywood.

Some of our good habits are gratitude, community cooperation, hospitality and religiosity, to name but a few. We Filipinos are born with a phrase on our forehead that runs “I will repay the love and sacrifices of my parents as long as I breathe.” We always think of repaying the love and sacrifices of our parents after schooling and to assist them in sending our siblings to school. This habit has already taken roots deep down in our culture which I think is impossible to uproot. We Filipinos are cooperative. A common example of this is the Bayanihan which is performed when a neighbor is going to transfer to a new dwelling place. The neighbors offer their help to carry the house in one piece to the new area of living. This is always gratis. I think it will depend on the owner of the house if he will give a snack to the helpful neighbors. We Filipinos are also known for our unequivocal hospitality to our own country folks or even to those who are alien to our motherland. We welcome strangers with widely opened arms and sweet smile implying “we will give you the best care we can give”. We shelter our country men during a devastating storm. I even recall when a certain American volunteer asked Dr. Placides, “where is the evacuation area?” “No evacuation area here. Every home in the vicinity is an evacuation area,” Dr. Placides said. The Westerner was amazed and impressed especially when...
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