Topics: Sociology, Christianity, Kingdom of God Pages: 4 (1351 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Vision of a New Heaven and a New Earth
Transformed People and Transformed Society
To be such a “city” requires envisioning. We need to envision what we as Filipino Christians have to be and what all Filipinos as a nation should be. For our discipleship must be transformative. What we envision will provide direction for our transformative task. What then must we be? We can only provide a basic direction towards a comprehensive answer. In cultural terms and in the light of our national situation we as citizens of this earthly city need to be maka-tao, maka-bayan and maka-Diyos. We need to exercise a healthy nationalism which would require the living of such values as pagsasarili, pagkakaisa, pakikipagkapwa-tao and pagkabayani. Heretofore, these values have remained mere platitudes. But if seriously taken as the direction for all educational, economic, political, cultural, and religious efforts the impact would be profound and radical. And what kind of a Filipino nation should we be? This is our vision. That all may have life (nabigyan ng buhay) We shall have to create a free nation

Where human dignity and solidarity are respected and promoted. Where moral principles prevail in socio-economic life and structures. Where justice, love, and solidarity are the inner driving forces of development. We shall to build a souvereign nation.

Where every tribe and faith are respected.
Where diverse tounges and traditions work together for the good of all. Where membership is a call to participation and involvement and leadership a summons to generous service. Ours will have to be a people in harmony with one another through unity in diversity in harmony with creation and in harmony with God. Ours shall be a civilization of life and love.

Social Apostolate towards Transformation
Standing in stark and tragic contrast to this utopian vision of a transformed nation is the dark picture that we have already surveyed. Life does not flow to God’s “anawim”. The social system...
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