The Good, the Bad and the American Dream

Topics: In Cold Blood, Truman Capote, Capote Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: April 6, 2014
KC Stager
Ms. Crimmins
English IV
The Good, The Bad and The American Dream
It was November, 15 1959 when what seemed like any normal Saturday turned into a nightmare for the Clutter family. The events that took place on that night shocked America thanks to the great author Truman Capote. The Clutter family had what some people may call the “American Dream” but I don’t think the American Dream can be stuck on one idea everybody has their own ambitions and dreams. The Clutters murder was an uncommon event not only because of the small town that it happened in but one of the murderers had no definite American dream. So I will be discussing the American dream that the Clutters were living, what the American dream means to me and the American dream that the murderers had. As you read keep thinking in the back of your head what the American dream means to you.

Nancy Clutter, let’s start with her; she is beautiful, intelligent, outgoing and “the town darling” (7, In Cold Blood). The only thing that she may have done wrong was dating somebody of a different religion. Speaking of Bobby Rupp he was this all American boy on the football team had a cool car and was Nancy’s boyfriend for some time. It can’t stop there the entire Clutter family was living the “American Dream” whether you look at the how Mr. Clutter build a “two story, fourteen-room frame-and-brick” (9) home for his family, or the job that he had running his farm. Looking at the families past times I’d say it’s pretty American, I mean the girls make pie and Kenyon is helping out medically trying to help the well being of others. Now to look at the down side you might say was Mrs. Clutter was a train wreck and although this may be true nothing in life is perfect. So even coming down to the Facts the family seemed to be almost perfect. But could it be that somebody else has something so nice and so perfect that you just want to take it from them. For Dick Hickock it was all about taking away...
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