The Glass Castle

Topics: White people, Mother, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: August 26, 2013
The Glass Castle – Connector

1. Life in the city began to annoy Dad after a while. He became sick of the orderliness of the city and had a disdain for their view for wildlife. This is similar to how my mother felt when she was new to the US. She was accustomed to life in Nigeria, where she didn’t have to worry about things like tax forms and bank accounts. Additionally, she was familiar with the diverse wildlife of West Africa. Coming to the U.S. was a large change for her just like the city was a large change for Dad. 2. Dad’s alcoholic, abusive lifestyle has a deep impact on the family. The kids have to endure the many arguments that he and Mom often get into and his drinking problem continuously gets him fired from jobs and kicked out of events. This keeps the family poor and has a negative impact on the children. Our society today has a lot of people like Dad. These people destroy families and typically end up abusing others. Unfortunately, this has a negative effect on children that have to endure the pain inflicted by these individuals. 3. Erma always spoke negatively about black people whenever around the family, including children. When Erma upsets Jeannette with her racist talk, Jeannette lashes back by telling her that she shouldn’t refer to black people with the “N” word and that black people are just like white people. This irritates Erma. Some people in our society still stick to that traditional view about certain races. This blind prejudice sometimes leads to violence but is always unnecessary.
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