The Giving Tree

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Books and its Importance
My all-time favorite book ever since I was a kid would be The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. This is Silverstein’s most famous work; it is about a little boy and a tree grows old together. Whenever I read this book before, I was always angry at the boy for taking more than he should from the giving tree. The boy never seemed satisfied, despite being given all the needs he asked for until the tree is left with only its stump. Now that I read it, there are many ways that this poem can be interpreted. I believe that it is a metaphor for parenthood: Do not take things for granted and it is unethical to take everything from nature. As I reflect to this little passage, I have learned to be thankful to my parents for all the hard work they do for me and just appreciate all the things, especially the small things before it is too late.

If someone would ever tell me to stop reading books, I would be miserable. I love reading- I read when I am stress, depressed and lonely. Reading eases my mind, and it is like an escape from all the problems I have. I believe that reading is important for me because it is a way to improve my knowledge and learn something new. Also, from reading, I have gained new styles and genre to become a better writer. Writing became part of my habit, and I always learn new information every time I read. Reading also expands my vocabulary: it also helped me speak English better. I would never let someone take reading books away from me because reading helps me in every way, from communicating to putting myself in a better mood.
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