Reading and Writing

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Princeton Girl
Reading and Writing
Reading is a very important fact in life, but for some people it's very hard because of the lack of importance and time. For me, is one the most important thing in my life, everything has to do with reading we can't live without reading, when we go to the supermarket we have to read in english because most of the brands are in english. When I read I have to be in a peaceful and quite place because I need total concetration so i can know what am i reading. One of the people that have influence me a lot to read is my mother, she loves to read alot, she can finish a whole book in just a day and a half, she reads books, novels, poetry, horror books and ect. When my mom reads she doesn't care about the environment, she reads everywhere like example: at the doctors office, hospital, at the house. The other person that has influence me is my sister, she doesn't live with us she lives in Orlando Florida, she also reads alot but the only time that she gets to read when she's not working and when she's on break. Writing is also important in life because if people don't write we don't get to read anything. I love to write because for me writing is how I express my self, it's the way in which I develop myself. I love to write essays, poems and even short stories, sometimes when I write short stories I use some of my life events and get creative with them so the people that get to read what I wrote know what a great writer that I can be in the future. So in conclution, reading and writing is very important in life because that's the nmost thing that we do, we have to read everything and we have to write if we whant people to learn about what we can do.
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