The Game of Pig Portfolio

Topics: Dice, Game, Probability theory Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Cover Letter: Game of Pig Portfolio
To play the game you need a regular 6-sided die. Each turn of the game consists of one or more rolls of the die. You keep rolling until you get a 1 or decide to stop. You may choose to stop rolling at any time. If you stop rolling before you get a 1 your score for that turn, your score is the sum of all of the numbers you rolled that turn (e.g. if you roll a 4, 6, 3, and 2 your score is 15 pts.). But, if you roll a 1 in that turn your turn is over and you receive 0 pts. for that turn. The central problem in the unit is finding strategies for several different probability games. The key ideas were developed in the unit through the presentation of many games and variations of those games to us. The key ideas helped us to solve the central problem by giving us many opportunities to learn how to solve strategies for probability games. In each different game there was a new game or variation in which we could find a new way to find optimal game strategies for probability games. Why I chose each item:

Homework 27: The Pig and I: This piece of work begins to explains the basics of what we learned in the unit. Homework 28: Beginning Portfolio Selection: The pig and I: This explains the main points of the unit (Theoretical and experimental probability) and also begins to show the reasons to choose certain pieces of work. Spinner Give and Take: This was chosen because it shows the basics of theoretical probability in great detail. The Game of Little Pig: This was chosen to show the many variations of games we learned to play, and the beginning steps of finding a strategy. POW 7: Make a Game: This was chosen to show how to make a game based off of the basic principles of probability games, it also shows how to make strategies for new games. Homework 7: Portraits of Probabilities: This was chosen as a basic block that began the whole unit and how to show probability in many different models. Homework 9: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’: This...
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