The Future of Oil

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Title: A Critique on “The Future Of Oil”

In April 9, 2012 an article in TIME Magazine, titled " The Future of Oil" by author Bryan Walsh which is a senior writer for TIME magazine, covering energy, environment and diseases infers and appraises the future of oil in the aspect of economy, value, scarcity and finding its alternatives. The author reveals and reviews the importance of oils to global economy as well as the urgency on finding another replacement for oil in order to flee the world from over-relying on this non-renewable natural resources. This facts have agonized the world and people starts concerning since decades ago when people found that the oil is not renewable and not reusable. SUMMARY

In the first part of the article, the author reviews the discovery of new plentiful oil sources in the Atlantic Ocean 180 miles east of Rio de Janeiro could produce68,000 barrels of crude a day, yet it is still disproportional to the demand all around the world. Nevertheless, the latest advanced technologies applied on automobiles and recession of economy in US have temporary shed the demand oil, the rapid growth in other countries like China, India and certain developing countries have equalize again the demand and supply graph back to the extreme level. These bring a phenomena that plentiful but expensive oil in the market. The price of oil will still be hardly to drop. Moreover, there is still no other substitute available for oil, it is prone to be big booms and deep busts, taking the global economy along with it. When the global economy heats up, demand for oil rises, boosting the price and encouraging producers to pump more. Inevitably those high prices eat into economic growth and reduce demand just as suppliers are overproducing. Prices crash, and the cycle starts all over again. However, the environmental issues and costs have to be brought to be concerned. The catastrophic oil spill accident happened in the Gulf of Mexico had brought huge impact to the environment and it needs decades to recover. Yet, the demand of oil is never stop, supply of oil must be ideally inexhaustible to the world.People are facing the more challenging and dangerous tasks while getting the unconventional oil to satisfy the demand of oil. Hence, the best solution is still to develop other kind of energy alternative to break themonopoly of oil for environmental, economy and future. Analysis of the Presentation

The first element of the article “The Future of Oil” written by Bryan Walse in April 2012 that is going to be discusses will be the author’s purpose of intent. From the article, the author’s purpose is to inform the audience about the current amount of available crude left and the number of production of barrels of oil per day which to fulfill the unlimited demand from the international market, and to predict that the oil which supports our daily transportation will be getting expensive in the future and it will be much more polluting in order to process the oil as the process is destructive to the environment. The second element to be discusses will be the author’s point of view. As what have written before, since the author have stated that the price of oil will be absolutely increases in the future, people have to be more resilient when fuel becomes expensive (Bryan Walse, 2012). Thus the author suggests that it will be important to hold as more researches and developments of carbon-free alternatives such as wind power, solar power, nuclear power and biofuels as possible now in order to reach better technology in fuel-efficiency which is believed potential to reduce the burden of the high price of oil in our daily life later. Next, the author’s tone in writing the article will be another element to be discusses where a tone reflects the author’s feeling and attitude towards the subject. Audience can feel the author’s tone was excited when he describe on the size of the floating oil-production platform deck in...

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