The French Revolution and Human Rights Paper

Topics: French Revolution, Human rights, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 2 (1360 words) Published: October 26, 2014

The French Revolution and Human Rights Paper
The French Revolution and Human Rights happened during the period of 1789- 1794. It can be argued with similar or different aspects on equality, rights, freedom, and politics. The French Revolution began with absolutism, which you rely on one ruler. During this period of time many middle class and peasant people, also known as the third estate. Disagreed with how the government was doing things. For example nobles and clergy had more say and control over the third estate. This caused retaliation with the different classes, which started the national assembly, tennis court oath, and much more. These events were detrimental to the whole revolution and the making of the declaration of rights of men and citizen. The Estate General set up a meeting with all the estates too discus solutions for financial problems, but the third estate disagreed and formed the National Assembly. Which are government legislatures and due to this started the French Revolution. With that Equality, Rights, Freedom and Politics take a dramatic change and the country of France shapes its self into a democracy. Equality is something that can be argued because it really impacted France during the French Revolution, Equality is the state of being equal. There wasn’t much equality before the revolution due to the control of nobles and clergy. Mainly the middle class had no say in government but they wanted to change that. Also rights were limited to men and women, these rights would soon change due to the fact that the majority of the countries population was middle class or peasants and this would soon start conflicts. They were caused by the estate general that would soon give the third estate 2 votes over nobles and clergy, which they consisted of two percent of the county. For everyone to be equal in a society that everyone is fighting about there is going to be changes, such as in the book they state only citizens are given the political...
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