The Four Examples of Ethical Dilemmas

Topics: Employment, Ethics, Discrimination Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: July 30, 2012
The Four Examples of Ethical Dilemmas
Conflict of interest exists when a businessperson is faced with a situation in which an action benefiting one person or group has potential to harm another. Another way to but is a business decision may be influence by the potential gain. When I owed a restaurant it was not right for a manager to work at another restaurant at the same time. Honesty and integrity is valued very high among employers. An employee who is honest can be counted on to tell the truth. An employee with integrity goes beyond truthfulness. Having integrity means adhering to deeply felt ethical principles in business situations. It would be like employees doing a procedure right all the time and one that will ensure it is done that way by everyone he can influence. He may talk and make things around better to influce that procedure. Loyalty versus truth, businesspeople except their employees to be loyal and act the best interests of the company, but when the truth about the company is not favorable, an ethical conflict can arise. I have always ran a restaurant saying if I would not eat there then why should I except someone else to. The employee had to take pride in the quality and cleanliness so they would eat there, so others would do the same. Whistleblowing is an employee’s disclosure to the government authorities or the media of illegal, immoral, or unethical practices. I was working as a store manager and the owner taught me to do the paper work and leave it for him in the safe. I found out a few months later that he was doing a second set of books and not paying the taxes as he should. So when I found out I also found out that the payroll taxes were not being paid in also. So I had to report it to the IRS and they found that he was doing it for over 20 years. Yes he did go to prison and to this day still there. Social responsibility is management’s acceptance of the obligation to consider profit, consider profit,...
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