The Flipped Classroom Analysis

Topics: Education, Teacher, Internet, School, Learning, Computer / Pages: 1 (200 words) / Published: Jan 31st, 2016
This week we are discussing the flipped classroom a very interesting topic seeing as how we are doing an online class right now, we just do not meet physically in the classroom. However, it just shows how much technology is slowly creeping it is way into the classroom. With things from tablets, laptops, pdas, etc., the access to information through the internet. It also makes it easy for students to access their assignements and readings anywhere. They can also make it easy for students to any time as well.

I also find it interesting that in the lecture notes where it talks about the fact "47% of U.S. employment is in "high risk" category of being automated in the next decade or two." That makes sense because a lot of companies are finding

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