The Fault In Our Stars Analysis

Topics: Love, Terminal illness Pages: 3 (734 words) Published: September 1, 2014

In Jon Green’s novel, The Fault In Our Stars I strongly agree that people with terminal illnesses can explore beauty in each other and can find connections just like healthy human beings. While hazel and Augustus think the cancer side effects are an imperfection, they both understand the beauty in each others imperfection and this lets them connect an a high level. Firstly I will discuss how Hazel and Augustus meet for the first time and when this happened, it was if they were made for each other. Secondly i will share how August allows his cancer wish to make Hazels dream become reality and show how much he cares for her. Finally I will talk about Augustus’ letter that he had wrote to hazel just before he died this letter shown how much he...

Although when they meet, Augustus says he could not stop staring at her “because your beautiful, i enjoy looking at beautiful people”. This shows that Augustus can see through hazels illness and can see her beauty within which is something Hazel has never come across before. They enjoy talking to each other and they share mutual feelings for each other, they also share mutual physical attraction for each other. Their first moment of true connection is when they spend an afternoon together sharing books which helps them get a better understanding of each other. The book portrays love, Augustus wants to see Hazel the very next day “I want to see you again tonight. But I am willing to wait all night and much of tomorrow”. This allows us to understand how an honest connection has been discovered and created and how terminal patients can find a love connection and can see all the beauty within each...

He uses his cancer wish in order to fulfil Hazels dream of meeting her Idol as she had wasted hers on Disney Land when she was a child. He is sharing his wish to make her dream become a reality. This emphasises how stro ng a connection they have as he is prepared to trade his wish of doing literally anything he wants, he wants Hazel to share his wish because all he wants is to make Hazel extremely happy. He also tells that they share an interest in the book An Imperial Affliction as he explains that she is not stealing his wish but joining onto it “how, I am not going to give you my wish or anything. But I also have an Interest in meeting Peter Van Houten, and it would not make sense to meet him without the girl that introduced me to his book”. This is another example of the love he has for her by organising the plans for her as he does not want anything more than happiness for her. By doing this he strengthens the connection and love between them. These acts of generosity are examples of giving your self so that another can experience happiness this provides that terminally ill people can share moments of love, beauty and can have connections.

Throughout the novel, Hazel is questioning what happens after her favourite book An Imperial Affliction. When Augustus and Hazel traveled to Amsterdam to seek out all the question that where unanswered, they were unsuccessful. Augustus decides the to finish the novel...
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