How does the title of relate to significant themes in the novel for The Fault in our Stars

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The Fault in Our Stars

Our lives are a set of building blocks, and we always yearn to be perceived as skyscrapers. But not everyone has this capability. People have faults, and sadly, it can get to the point where those wrecking balls intervene. And the thing that was once a set of building blocks is no more. Some people have it harder than others. People live with cancer, deadly diseases that could ruin their lives. The Fault in Our Stars is a story mainly about the life of a girl named Hazel who falls in love with a person named Augustus. The problem is, that her and two other main characters in the story, Augustus and Isaac, have to live their lives battling cancer, which literally controls their “ordinary” lives. It is about the struggle (faults) that comes with dealing with cancer, and how they try to overcome these obstacles. Sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they do not. John Green titled his novel The Fault In Our Stars because the stars are the building blocks (a persons life), and the fault in those stars is what is keeping those building blocks from becoming skyscrapers, the wreaking ball (cancer). There are many significant themes throughout the novel that correlate to the title. The struggles in life with cancer, how love triumphs through hardship, and coping with the death of a loved one. These themes not only relate to the title but they also exemplify what this story is really about. Sets of building blocks that are slowly broken down, to the point where they are destroyed completely buy the wrecking ball, both literally and mentally.

Cancer is something that it very hard to live with, and it generates numerous setbacks in life. The three main characters in this story, Hazel, Augustus, and Isaac live their lives battling cancer. They meet different obstacles every day, and the struggle is dealing with those obstacles. Hazel struggles with lung cancer, and every day she walks around with oxygen tank to help her lungs function. One time her cancer took a dangerous toll when she woke up in the middle of the night at about four in the morning with an apocalyptic pain in the center of her brain. She woke her parents and was taken to the ICU. Hazel was knocked out, and they did save her. When she woke up in the morning her parents explained everything that had happened to her. “Mom and Dad told me that I did not have a brain tumor, but that my headache was caused by poor oxygenation, which was caused by my lungs swimming in fluid, a liter and a half(!!!!) of which had been successfully drained from my chest, which was why I might feel a slight discomfort in my side, where there was, hey look at that, a tube that went from my chest into a plastic bladder half full of liquid that for all the world resembled my Dad’s favorite amber ale. My mom told me that I was going home, that I really was, and that I would have to get this drained every now and again and get back on the BiPAP, this nighttime machine that forces air in and out of my lungs.”(107) Hazel’s overexertion was very hard on her and the rest of her family. Now she has to get her lungs drained every once in a while and she is also on BiPAP. In my opinion this was more than just a struggle, this was a nightmare. A nightmare pioneered straight from her cancer, and it is just horrible. Augustus had lived a very rigid life with cancer. At the time that he met Hazel, he was cancer free with an amputated leg. When Augustus and Hazel went to the airport to go on their trip to Amsterdam, Augustus took very long to get to the plane when he said that he was going to go get food and come back. He told Hazel and her mom that the line at McDonald’s was really long but the truth came out when he was sitting on the plane next to Hazel. “Listen, sorry I avoided the gate area. The McDonald’s line wasn’t really that long; I just….I just didn’t want to sit there with all those people looking at us or whatever.” (145, 146) Here Augustus’s struggle with cancer...
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