The Fate of a Banana

Topics: Sunlight, Fruit, Color Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: May 24, 2012
The light shone through the blinds, each blade slicing the natural light and highlighting the alien nature of the world around him. As he sat in the corner of the basket, his watched as his skin dull, once a bright glorious and vibrant hue he was renowned across the land for his beautiful qualities, but that was long ago. He sat dismayed at his current state, old, fragile, bruised and beaten, alone and separated from those around him. He never wanted to be here, he longed for the companionship and love provided by his family in the past, but alas, his destiny now was simply to grow old, alone in the dark corner.

As he waited for death to come, he thought back to his early days, back to where it had all begun.

The sun broke over the horizon, flooding the open expanse with natural sunlight, awakening the dormant plants and animals from their slumber, warming all creatures great and small. A small tree began to fruit, the abundant light and nutrient sources enabling it to produce many small clusters. Over time the cluster grew and developed, each individual finger of the bunch was dependant upon the life giving tree for sustenance. Each finger in the bunch was in their own little world, a carefree world filled with laughter and fun, companionship with their brothers and sisters, but most importantly a large attachment and love for the mother tree for providing not only food and shelter, but life. Here the bananas grew from a baby seedling to fully ripe adults.

But one day their oasis was torn apart. The sky turned dark blotting out the sunshine, confusion ran amok within the plantation, there were screams, hundreds of screams, then suddenly the bunch was torn from their mother tree. Then darkness and silence.

Confused and afraid, each individual sought comfort and solace with their brothers and sisters in the bunch. In the darkness they waited.

Days went past, weeks even, and each finger in the bunch became dependant upon each other for guidance and...
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