The Face of Beauty: Natural vs. Artificial

Topics: Plastic surgery, Surgery, Aesthetics Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: February 19, 2014
According to Austin smith, Gone are the days when beauty was all about being natural, when beauty was compared with simplicity, innocence and grace. Now a days people are getting into a race of looking perfect, for this flawless beauty they are even ready to go under knife anytime which involves pain as well as risk. A natural beauty may not be perfect all the time but it just presents you in a way you actually are, it is all about inner beauty; it's about feeling wonderful. Whereas artificial beauty is about injections and surgeries. These cosmetic surgeries are kind of an art of providing beauty and picture perfect looks.

The face of beauty is now changing its meaning; according to the latest surveys people don't want to grow old so cosmetic surgeries is gaining popularity. People want to get the wrinkle free look or the flawless look, so even some cosmetics like anti-ageing cream, fairness creams, under eye gels, etc. are available in the market. All over the world millions of people find Cosmetic surgeries and injections an easy and better way for achieving their goals of flaunting new and improved looks in a short period of time. These surgeries involves facial implants, breast enlargement, lip augmentation, Botox, nose job, liposuction, brow lift, etc. For cosmetic surgeons it's about skills and experience as these surgeries are done very carefully, a small mistake can make blunders. There are times when surgeries went wrong and believe me it's like a worst nightmare. So it's very important to find a cosmetic surgeon who is experienced and certified.

It seems like people are under some kind of pressure of looking perfect all the time. Everybody wants to look beautiful but going under any kind of surgery is not so easy, these surgeries do have side effects and are very expensive. Natural Beauty can't be achieved in a day, daily personal care, rest and proper diet supplements can help in restoring a balance between inner and outer beauty so that you...
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