What is beauty?

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What is beauty? I'm sure we have all pondered the idea in our heads from time to time. Human beauty can be measured an many ways however. We can measure beauty inwardly and outwardly. I convincingly believe that beauty is in the eye of the holder but only to some degree.

In todays society we are bombarded with the "all american" idea of beauty through media, through magazines and television. These things tell us what is beautiful and what isn't. If you were to take away the typical mainstream view on beauty what would happen? I believe that many of the people would view beauty a bit differently. It is increasingly difficult to avoid catching advertisements of pills and cosmetics as they are present in every form of popular media imaginable.

The modern ideas of beauty usually clings to the outward concept unfortunately. This involves that shapes and structure of a persons physique or even the weight and build of a woman. Women especially want to be perceived as beautiful in all cultures. Some individuals will go through great lengths to retain an outward beauty, even through pain. Persons may go to the extent of taking part in an operation for the sole purpose of looking more attractive to the opposite sex.

Deep down we all have our own ideas of beauty, what one person may portray as beauty the other will not. Some of the reasons for this could very well be stamped on our very DNA. Some research that indicates that the human standards for beauty may be genetic as being nature’s way of ensuring the best reproductive selection as essentially a function of evolution. I imagine that through some where we deep down have instinct which may vary from ethicity to tribe to moral values even.

With this being said, we can all have our own ideas of what beauty truely is. That may not nessesarily be what society views as beauty however. One man may see a beautiful woman for what she is on the outside while another man may find inner beauty in a...
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