Plastic Surgeries

Topics: Surgery, Plastic surgery, Medicine Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: January 23, 2011
‘‘Plastic Surgeries’’
By Thanasis Farsaris

Nowadays, it is a well know fact that the technology is developing rapidly and gives us many opportunities for a better life. More generally now, the medical science is advancing and gave us more benefits for our health and even our body such as the plastic surgery. As a matter of fact many people resort to plastic surgery in an attempt to remain young looking and this has increased the number of this kind of operations. In my opinion this kind of operations is not the best thing in life.

To begin with, many people are doing this surgical process because of the job. In other words most people think that if they change their body and their outfit they will have better opportunities in the industrial division. Last but not least loads of people are doing the surgery because they want always want to be young and fresh and have better opportunities to find a date or even a match.

On the other side of the coin, multitudes of people are doing this surgery because of the idols. What I mean is that, the television presents the celebrities as the superiors of the world and push the viewers to be like them because the world that we live needs more like them for a couple of reasons such as: money, gossip and viewing. Another factor that leads more people to plastic surgery is the issue of beauty. However, before the surgery some have the feeling that they don’t looking and feeling good and tell to their selves: I’m ugly or I don’t have something bigger or smaller in my body that the others have, and by this way they go to the doctor and they are doing the operation and after that they feel that they have boosted their confidence or self-esteem.

All in nutshell, loads of people choose the easy way to remain young, to find a job, or date and boost the confidence but have they ever thought that the nature made them like that for a reason and not only this but also have we and they have ever thought of the fact that...
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