the evolution of market orientation

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Outline the evolution of market orientation
By the evolution of market orientation we understand that marketing has gone through since the Industrial Revolution until the present. We can divide this evolution in 4 different stages or eras, from the oldest to the newest: Production Era

Product Era
Sale Era
Marketing Era
There are loads of differences between the different eras but the main difference is the goal the businesses try to aim in each era. Through the History the aims and goals of the businesses have been changing and that defined each stage of the evolution. Production Era

This era is well known by the mass production used by most of the businesses following the industrialisation and profit made by the large volume of sales they made. A good example of this Era was Henry Ford when he realised that by using black paint for all his cars he could save not only money, but time because it dried quicker than the coloured paints. His focus was the mass production instead of the customer’s needs or wants. Product Era

The main change from the Production Era to the Product Era was the businesses focus; they started focusing on the quality and product features to make the best product possible. This was the start of the “customer’s satisfaction” focus instead of focus exclusively in making profit and the mass production. For example, Apple uses this strategy with his Iphone; they create a new Iphone almost every year by improving and changing little things of the latest version. By doing this they offer a better product every year and they make profit of that and get customers what they want. Sales Era

From the start of the twentieth century through the Second World War, competition grew and marketing’s focus turned into selling. Companies needed to get rid of the outputs of production and it was hard because of the increasingly crowded market. In this Era Marketing became a “slave” of production as companies needed marketing to convinced customers to...
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