Marketing and Customer Orientation

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Discuss what is meant by the term “customer orientation” for an organisation in the context of the marketing mix. Please discuss two elements of the marketing mix and illustrate your answer with examples of products or brands of your choice.

This essay is for discussing customer orientation and analysis how customer orientation works. During this essay, I will show you what is customer orientation and compare it with other different orientations. In addition, I will talk about marketing mix in customer-oriented organization. Finally, I will show you two brands as example for discussing and comparing about their marketing mix.

“Customer orientation” means an organization, which is running by producing or providing affordable goods or services then making customers satisfying and raise the customer value. “Competitor orientation” is an opposite mode to compare with “customer orientation”, as competitor oriented organization, they paid more attention on what did their competitors do and how to do a better work than their competitors. There’s another orientation called ”marketing orientation”, it is a kind of mode between customer orientation and competitor orientation, not only concern about what their customer need, also care about how to make them more competitive than their competitor, they do keep a balance in both customer orientation and competitor orientation. As companies and organizations, they need to choose proper marketing tools what are depend on their orientation. So, “marketing mix” is often crucial when determining a product or brand's offer. Normally, “marketing mix,” means McCarthy‘s 4Ps theory, which is included Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. Afterward, the 4Ps have been expanded to the 7Ps and even more. There is another theory, which is called 4Cs; Robert F. Lauterborn put this theory forward. This theory is involved Customers’ wants and needs, Cost, Communication and Convenience, different with 4Ps and 7Ps theory, the 4Cs put its emphasis on customers as a customer oriented version. Following is some comparing between 4Ps and 4Cs: (Roy McClean, 2012) ·Consumer wants and needs (vs. Products)

You can't develop products and then try to sell them to a mass market. You have to study consumer wants and needs and then attract consumers one by one with something each one wants. Author of the movie Field of Dreams, J.P. Cancilla may have exclusive rights to the phrase "build it and they will come". In most cases, you have to find out what people want and then "build" it for them, their way. ·Cost to satisfy (vs. Price)

You have to realize that price - measured in dollars - is one part of the cost to satisfy. If you sell hamburgers, for example, you have to consider the cost of driving to your restaurant, the cost of conscience of eating meat, etc. One of the most difficult places to be in the business world is the retailer selling at the lowest price. If you rely strictly on price to compete you are vulnerable to competition - in the long term. ·Convenience to buy (vs. Place)

You must think of convenience to buy instead of place. You have to know how each subset of the market prefers to buy - on the Internet, from a catalogue, on the phone, using credit cards, etc. Lands End clothing, Amazon Books and Dell Computers are just a few businesses that do very well over the Internet. ·Communication (vs. Promotion)

You have to consider the communication instead of promotion. Promotion is manipulative (ouch!) - it's from the seller. Communication requires a give and take between the buyer and seller (that's nicer). Be creative and you can make any advertising "interactive". Use phone numbers, your web site address, etc. to help here. And listen to your customers when they are "with" you.

Actually, in my point of view, customer orientation has more advantages and it is good approaches, which can make their products, get into the marketing in a short time. By knowing...
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