The Event Changed My Life

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The event changed my life

Having the first baby is the event which changed my life so much. After my wedding one year, I and my husband were eager to welcome my baby -Bong. When I knew I had pregnant I was nervous and worried but my husband advised me that I should keep calm and didn’t so worry. He said: “He will always be beside you (( me) “. He bought for me many kinds of books to help me have knowledge to look after myself and our baby. To the second month, I began being primitive (( have a morning sickness) I was tired and I didn’t eat anything. Fortunately, my husband took care of me carefully. He not only cooked many delicious foods but also bought for me a lot of fruits. Especially, he cooked fish soup. He said that: “If you eat many fish, our baby will be very intelligent”. Every day, I turned on the classical music for our baby to listen. I hoped my baby would be a singer in the future. Every month, he took me to visit the doctor to check our baby. The doctor said my baby developed well, so we felt secured. We didn’t care of the sex of my baby, we wanted to be nervous to when the baby was born. My sister helped me to prepare everything such as: diapers, clothes, a milk bottle, socks, toys…for my baby. I loved them very much; look them (( they look) lovely so when I was free, I always brought them to see for a long time. My baby was born on Saturday, 20th November 2011 at PY hospital. I remembered that although I was tired and hurt, when the nurse said “ A girl baby, 3,2kilos” I tried to my best to see my lovely baby. I felt very happy. I became a really mother.

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