The Emotions of Grendel the Monster

Topics: Suffering, John Wayne Gacy, KILL Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: May 5, 2013
The Emotions of Grendel the Monster

Emotions are not just for humans. Animals have emotions too yet do we dub them human? No, we don’t, even though they too feel anger, sadness, and pain

Grendel, thou he is a monster, has emotions. Would anyone consider him human? No, we all consider him a bloodthirsty monster. Animals, when they lose someone in their group they mourn. We feel their pain. Grendel takes away our family for food and fun. He feels joy from our pain and suffering. We should not feel sympathy for him, but hate. Emotions or not, he is nothing but a monster. A killing machine. He feels no sympathy for anything or anyone. He enjoys the pain he brings us. He kills many of us just to feed himself miserable. Yes, we kill animals, but we feed many with one. We feel sorrow for those we kill, we are sorry to take them from their families.

He is neither human nor animal. Humans and animals care for one another, even if they’re out of their species. A cat can care for a bird. A dog can be a mother to kittens if their mother dies. Miniature horses and pigs help blind humans. We try to save one another when we’re in danger. Fire men rescue cats from trees. Dogs give us warning of seizures. He cares for nothing; he cares for no one but himself. He will kill anything and everything, in his way or not. Be it human or animals, he doesn’t care, to him killing is killing and killing is fun. Every day when he wakes, he looks forward to slaughtering anyone and everyone he can.

He’s a lot like John Wayne Gacy, the killer clown who killed 33 boys and men. They both only kill for pleasure. And just because they have emotions does that mean we should sympathize with them? Would you sympathize with a serial killer? Unstoppable killing machines

should be killed the same way they kill their victims. They shouldn’t live just because they have feelings. Would you want John Wayne Gacy free just because he had feelings? No, you would want him behind...
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