The effects of segregation and discrimination.

Topics: Affect, Black people, Effect Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: September 23, 2014
The effects of segregation and discrimination.
We all know the seepch “I have a dream”, So what cause Martin Luther King want to say it? The most important reason is segregation and discrimination. The segregation and discrimination have many effects in our lives. They have affected our lives in the past and they still affect us nowadays. The positive thing is improvement of civil rights on the other hand, mortality and disconnection. Segregation and discrimination effect people's live. with discrimination mortality increase . when the discrimination star in any thing make people tow groups and each group try to kill other group. for example Emmett Till he was black boy he killed by tow white men on segregation's time.Another effect is disconnection among people. Segregation was reported in many countries. There was a separation of humans into racial groups in some activities, such as: attending schools, riding on a bus, eating in a restaurant, using a public restroom. I think these things affected people and they became disconnected each other. People could not share their knowledge because they did not live together in daily activities. The relationship among people was also affected by segregation. They could not share the same space and as the result, they could not have a good relationship among them. We can see the results of segregation in the discrimination that still remain in our society. On the other hand, sperartion and discrimination also make some people’s life become different. Martin Luther King is the famous person who leader the blacks to start revolt discrimination. All we know about him is because he lead the blacks to destory the discrimination. So, if there were not have discrimination, does he will become famous? Maybe he can, maybe he can’t. We cannot sure about this point. It’s also similar happened in Jackie Robinson’s life. Jackie become a legend is because he is the first black player play baseball in a white league. Also he is the...
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