Effects of Discrimination

Topics: Discrimination, Racism, Sexism Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: July 30, 2013
Effects of Discrimination
Unit 2- P3, M1

Discriminatory practice on a service user within a health or social care service can have potentially very bad effects on that individual.

Firstly if within a hospital a service user was being discriminated against, one of the many possible effects could be depression and self-harm. An example of discrimination within a hospital environment could be that a service user is discriminated about their sexuality, and could be treated different from some staff within the hospital which could lead to that individual self-harming. The effects of self-harm on the service-user could easily lead to depression, which could lead to their health deteriorating even further than it has while they’ve been in hospital recovering. It could potentially make their illness worse than what it was before they were admitted to hospital with all the stress, and the recovery could become non-existent.

Next, if a person was to go into a dietary clinic and is labelled or stereotyped, it could affect their self-esteem. An example of a person being stereotyped and labelled would be if they got called ‘fat’ but the dietician, and they instantly assumed that due to that service user’s size they were lazy and did no exercise. This could affect the service user’s self-esteem by making them feel bad about themselves, and even start to believe the things the health-care professionals are saying to them. This will lower their confidence also in themselves and others, and start to believe that nothing can be done for them.

Also, if within a care home an elderly service user got discriminated because of their age, they could experience low self-esteem and doubts in their self-identity. For an elderly person who is potentially ill, and having to come to terms with the movement of themselves and everything they own into a home shared with other potentially ill elderly people, can be stressful. The person could start to doubt themselves, and believe...
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