The Effects of Play Activity on the Holistic Development of a Child

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I am require to review a play activity that I used my observational skills to plan for. I decided to do indoor art activity, which was making a Robin. Children by doing this activity may learn the textures and colours, and they will use a hand and eye co-ordination. The Intellectual, Physical, Language, social and emotional observations allows the adult to find out what children understand, how they think, what they are able to do, and interests are. This information helps the adult to build rich stories of children as capable and competent learners in order to support further activities and development. In doing this, observation gave me information to give on-going feedback to children about how they are getting on in their learning, to provide enjoyable experiences for them, to choose appropriate supports for them, and to document, celebrate and plan the next steps in their learning. ( Aims

My play activity was a robin, so in this activity children need to stick and cut out a small pieces of carbon sheet. This art activity supporting children's large and small muscle development, as well as their eye-hand coordination. Using paintbrushes, fingers and scissors helps children practice the fine motor control they will need for writing later on. Children were work together in the art area , they learn to share and interact with others , these are important changes for social learning. During this activity I valued children’s creativity, so i help them to feel valued as people, raising their self-esteem. After this activity I got better observation and planning skills. (

Before doing that activity I had discussion with my supervisor about that activity it is propped for children in that age and do she have any ideas. Also I must to have a permission from supervisor and parents. After that I need to plan what equipment I may use and plan out a costs of it. I need to buy a 20pack of carbon sheets which cost 3.25e, sugar paper cost 2.45e, PVA glue cost 2.50e and the rest of equipment like brushes, scissors etc. I rent from a setting so that was no costs. Also I need help in washing hands, someone need to help me with taking a pictures during activity and I also needed help with supervising my group. And the last step before my activity was to make sure is everything safe for children like for e.g. glue was non-toxic, floors are non-slip and is no any sharp corners in the room etc. Activity Plan

Date: 23.01.2013
Time:13.00a.m. to 14.00p.m. (1,5h)
Age of children:
Child1 - 4 years
Child2 - 3,5 years
Child3 - 5 years
Child4 – 4,5 years
No. of adults:2 adults in the room
Area:art area
* Circular paper plate or white paper/carol or cereal box -> cut into circle * PVA glue (non-toxic)
* Tones of sugar paper for e.g. brown (light brown, dark brown) * Red breast -> tissue paper (can use any colour)
* Brush/glue stick
* For eyes/beak/legs -> sugar paper
I choose this activity because children one week before were doing something similar before, they were enjoyed so I decide to do something similar. Children’s reaction was positive, when I told them what we will do it they clap their hands. I ask them to sit down at the table in the art area and I prepared all staff that was needed. After that I explained how we will make a robin and I show them a final work, to give it an idea to children how final peace should look like. Then we started doing it. During activity I again explained clearly what we need to do next, step by step. I want to learn children how to share which others, what is proper handing a paint brush and scissors, how to use their creativity and imagination to solve problems, learn them how to interact and work co-operatively and give...
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