The effects of pinning flowers in the brides' hair

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Topic: The effects of pinning flowers on brides’ hair

Walking confidently along the aisle of the church, the bride captures all her guests’ attention with her flawless make-up, a sparkling silvery necklace, a flowing wedding gown and bright eyes filled with gleams of satisfaction. She, however, forgets something to be perfect. An accessory which, albeit small, adorns the bridal hairstyle is missing. It is flowers on the bride’s hair that help her not only look more beautiful but also present a clear image of her own character.

Pinning flowers in brides’ hair brings significant aesthetic effects. It is not a coincidence that they are used widely to decorate at almost every event. Flowers are naturally attractive. Is there anyone unmoved when seeing a fresh rose which is bestowed the beauty of a queen? Velvety petals coupled with the rich red color symbolize love and regal beauty. The straight hard stem surrounded by sharp thorns owns the allurement of dauntlessness in challenges. What is more, the sweet smell evokes both passion and mysteriousness. All those factors combined create the exquisiteness of nature. Thus, a flower on the bride’s hair certainly fascinates others for its irresistible beauty.

Additionally, the more artful combination between hair types and flowers is, the prettier the bride is. Pinned flowers contribute significantly to hiding bridal hairstyles’ flaws, especially popular kinds of bun or braid. For example, if a woman chooses to bun her hair, a lily placed on the right side will be the optimal choice. The reason is simply. Buns reveal the whole bride’s face while the right facial half normally looks less attractive than the left one. Therefore, a blooming lily is utilized to cover a small part of the former as well as enhance the loveliness of the latter. As for brides who either loose their wavy hair or wear hair in braids, a wreath of wild flowers will conjure up beautiful angels. Besides, tiny blooms braided into hair...
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