The Effects of Owning Property

Topics: Property, Ownership, Real estate Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: November 8, 2012
The Effects of Owning Property

Author E.M. Forster’s notion that owning too much property leads to revolution is a worthy argument. After all, items of materialistic items have been, in certain instances, accredited to accounts of extreme misfortune. However, I beg to differ being that property and prosperity is an American dream. To own a home, in my opinion, is a sign of stability. Owning a property exempts one from paying rent or a monthly token for living purposes and enables one to virtually ultimate privacy. As sole owner of a property a person is liable to become immersed in the feeling of ownership, but are unforeseen consequences great enough that it is not worth the effort put in to acquiring a place one may call their own.

To own a property has long been considered one of the ultimate achievements in life, along beside wealth and offspring. Forster states in his essay that “property produces men of weight, and it was a man of weight who failed to get into the kingdom of heaven.” In saying that he meant that along with ownership of a property come greater responsibility and less flexibility which in other words is equivalent to Forster’s definition of weight. Many Americans, my-self included, work countless years in life to be able to afford the luxury of owning a property. It is the reward of working hard. Yes, one would imagine that a substantial amount of assets would be more difficult to manage, further explaining Forster’s notion of his “wood” causing him to feel heavy. The difference between the so called weight of common items such as phones and other ordinary devices and items and that of a portion of land or a home, cost being a factor, up keeping and mobility. Other things can be transported and easily maintenance where as a home or land cannot.

Owning a home goes hand in hand with the stability viewed as required to start a family or to simply be prepared when the time arrives. Stability, in regards to home ownership, ensures...
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