The Effects of Lack of Communication

Topics: Dominican Republic, Crime, Abortion Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: July 10, 2012
The effects of lack of education
Did you know that there are currently 121 million children worldwide who are uneducated? This is a big problem for the future of the world and for us. The lack of education in a country will have numerous of effects on the world. Some of the effects that I going to mention in this essay are: crime and poverty, overpopulation and abortion, contamination and shortages of resources such as water do to the high waste of it. Everyday the percent of crimes committed and the number of poor families increases. No business owner wants to hire someone without the sufficient knowledge or skills to work in their business. No job means any income to the family, which only leads to crime. This do to the fact that everyone needs to survive, either doing the right or wrong thing. Also, without education people are not concient of the consequences of their actions and the things they can achieve with knowledge. Another effect is overpopulation and abortion. If you don’t receive the proper education you remain ignorant, you don’t learn about responsibilities. People that haven't had the fortune being educated mostly bring children to the world without knowing whether they will be able to give them a proper education or even a decent life style. Others try to "solve this problem" my having abortions, not knowing consequences they could bring them. They could have serious injuries or even die because of a bad procedure during the abortion. More contamination is also a consequence of lack of education. When you ignore something you don’t care whether it’s right or wrong. People throw garbage of streets, contaminate the oceans and rivers because they don't realize the damages they are causing to the environment and our planet. They do this because they haven't being properly instructed about consequences of contamination, so why should they care. In conclusion one of the most important thing in every country is the education. We have to get together...
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