The Effects of Internet vs Television on Children

Topics: Television program, World Wide Web, Internet Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: October 24, 2010
The Effects of Internet vs Television on Children
Jennifer Lingler
Alexis Vaughan
ENGL 100: Composition and Research
April 5, 2010

The internet and television play a major role in our lives. But what are the effects of these technologies on our society? One way to analyze the effects on our society is to focus on how internet and television affects children. In comparison, the effects of internet and television on children produce very similar results.

Obesity is a global epidemic. Internet and television have added to the problem. Children spend hours sitting or lounging lazily in front of a glowing television screen or computer monitor. They no longer have the desire to play outdoors, riding bikes, playing games, or just running around. The internet and television bombard children with exciting commercials unhealthy snacks. These advertisements influence the food choices that children make. The influence that television and internet has on our children is unhealthy and destructive. Sadly, this damage can then carry over into the teen years as well as adulthood.

Negative behaviors online and on television also affect children. Internet and television games and shows can be extremely violent. Children who are exposed to such behaviors can mirror what they have viewed. In contrast, some may be fearful of the world around them. Behaviors such as smoking and drinking are often glorified through internet spam and advertisements as well as television shows and commercials. These negative messages online and on television send children the misleading message that these behaviors are acceptable.

The effects of internet and television on children can be positive if parents actively monitor their child’s activities. Both, the internet and television can be used as tools in educating children. One example is educational internet sites and television programming. Children can learn values, study foreign countries, or even explore...
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