The Effects of Ethnic Restaurants on the Progression of Multiculturalism

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The Effects of Ethnic Restaurants on the Progression of Multiculturalism




Literature Review5

General Background5
Food as symbol of culture6
Food in relationship with multiculturalism7
Diffusion of different groups8
Differences of Groups8

Tool or Barrier?10

Case study13





This paper explores how ethnic restaurants could be a stepping stone towards both sides of the spectrum of in?of multicultural society. A Home to people of manymuch different ethnic backgrounds, Britain is certainly a multicultural place. ContempoaryContemporary Britain has been one of the countries that have experienced a rapid growth of population through the process of international immigration(Piccolo and Thomas 2001). This increases the population diversity, generating a variety of different cultural communities; reshaping the socio-cultural and economic structure of the nation. Britain has arrived to the Age of migration and minority. The ‘differences’ of different cultural groups can coexist in an environment with joyously embrace, celebrated and harmony, or in an environment with disagreement, mistrust and clashes (Thompson 2003).

Many different variables can affect the progression of multiculturalism; the ethnic restaurants industry is only part of the bigger picture. Hence, both the internal and external variables from the ethnic restaurant industry will be study. However, this paper will be more focus to the following hypotheses:

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1) Does the role of ethnic restaurants acts as a barrier or a stepping-stone on the process of multiculturalism?.

2) At whatich level of the society does ethnic restaurants plays athe largest role on the process of multiculturalism.

These hypotheses will be explored and in depth, with theories and ideas supplying the foundation of the paper and the findings will be examined with a case study to test out the findings in relationship with the reality.


The methodology will be based on research on the ideology of multiculturalism in terms of food as a symbol of multiculturalism, and the relationship of ethnic restaurants with multiculturalism. The research will consist of both primary and secondary research; the background knowledge about the ethnic restaurants industry is mainly based on relevant journals and other resources, the ideology of multiculturalism and its relationship with the ethnic restaurants will be split into two separate sections. This allows the ideas of the theories to have equal weight. Following this, will be distinguishing the main factors that have the prime impacts on the progression of multiculturalism and at which level of these factors have the most affect, which is my hypotheses.

With adequate amount of ideas and theories in similar field written by a range of authors from different background been examined and explored, a self-constructed case study will be mounted. Investigating how the ideas from the secondary research relate to the reality. An ethnic restaurant will be chosen, the restaurant have to be a restaurant that are similar to the type of restaurants that have been studied from some of the authors that have been researched in the literature review section. The type of primary research will be through observation and interviewing some of the main players within the restaurants, both the staffs and the customers. By interviewing the different players of the ethnic restaurant, I can start building up some of the insight of the kind of knowledge the stakeholders of an ethnic restaurant have on the idea of multiculturalism.

The paper will be concluded with a summary of the main findings from the research and how the findings tie in or contradiction to reality, the case study. This is an important part of the paper, as this will prove if the...
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