The Effects and Necessity of Secrecy and Element of Surprise in Operation Overlord

Topics: World War II, Normandy Landings, Operation Overlord Pages: 8 (3104 words) Published: December 11, 2011

I. The pathway to Operation Overlord

The D-Day happened in Europe at the Omaha beach where many survived the attacks form the allies. The allies were interested in attacking Europe through the entry from various entries into the country. It is believed that the D-Day and Omaha beach was the hardest fought and significant victory for the Allies in the World War II. According to Ambrose, there were five beaches and the Omaha beach was the one that received the most devastating effects of the battles. During the battle many people lost their lives and others were casualties. The allies had to pay a high price with the loss of lives, especially at Omaha beach. The operations overload begun five minutes before midnight On June 5th 1944 (Gilbert 127). There are many surprises on the Omaha beach that were used during the battles of the D-Day. These were the terrain, the configuration of the ground, the length and width of the beach. The allies would attack especially with the dominance of the bluff that overlooks the beach used this situation of the Omaha beach. There is a concave shape of the shoreline that would permit the delivery of direct fire from three directions. There were concrete remains of the German defense with its numerous fighting positions along the bluff. The allies also considered the existence of the cliffs that flank the coast from which observers would deliver indirect fire to any location of the beach. The allies were determined to remove all the obstacles that would hinder them from attacking. The allies could stand on the bluff that overlooks the Omaha beach and visualize thousands of American soldiers and sailors on a landing craft when crossing the open stretches of the beach in daylight under enemy fire. According to Gilbert (127) the men who fought at the Omaha beach surprised with their great spirit. From midnight to dawn and many people were killed including 18000 British, American and Canadian origins. The attack at Omaha beach did not have the advantage of darkness or the overwhelming power of fire. The allies well understood that they were attacking an enemy who had an immense capability for reinforcement and counterattack. They had to have tactical surprise that a long pre landing bombing would have lost. They had to accept the risk of heavy casualties on the beaches for the prevention of heavier ones on the plateau and among the hedgerows. The landing took place at the early morning hours of the day in order to extend the effects of enemy fire and to facilitate the achievement of tactical surprise. The assault was considered to be a frontal attack that was unlikely even to have the advantage of tactical surprise. They had a task of smashing through enemy beach defenses to facilitate as far as possible the possibility by naval fire support and air bombardment. The happening of the D-Day was due to the invasion of the Europe allies. The German armies lived in Western Europe together with the forces of the Soviet Union. This regime was believed to hold most of Europe oppression and horror for the past years. The allies would invade Europe by the sea and air. The D-Day was known to be a battle between the allies and the American soldiers on the Omaha beach. The mission of the allies in this battle was to break through the coastal defenses. The allies would advance from the east then invade Germany and destroy the Nazi regime. Through this they would secure a lodgment area on Normandy whereby they would master the armed Western allies. After this they would settle in England where the aim would be to attack and destroy the German. The allies needed a plan that would be used to attack the enemies. The plan was done in secret and surprise by the use of tricks that would help trapping the enemies. The operation overload was a cross channel landing and constituted the primary task that the allies’ air effort would perform against the axis in Europe at te beginning of the D-Day...
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