The effect of a parent

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The effect of a parent ,teacher, or friend on a person life In 2010 the u.s census reported 308,745,538 residents in the United States.(Wikipedia 2010) A percentage of that 308 million people, will probably agree that at some point of there lives a parent, teacher ,or friend, had a effect on them. The effect could have been a disaster or beneficial but some how change a person life forever. A parent lifestyle, beliefs, and work ethic can have a strong effect on a (child/person) life. With a (child/person) being effected by their parent or parents style of living, may help them someday become a productive adult. The phrase "the apple don't fall to far from the tree", can be said to be true. Simple because children who turn into adults, often seem to follow there parent(s) footsteps. This choice by the (child/person) to follow either follow a positive or negative path, can effect there lives forever. Just like parents, teacher play a strong role in a (child/person) life. The effects from a teacher are sometimes more effective than parents. The reason is because a child spends 8 hrs or more in school, 5 days a week. Some parents work 12 hr shifts and the child sometime want for attention. These means the child miss face time form the parent. Which means the teacher sometimes pick up the slack, with 8 hrs straight a day. For the child this put a negative look on the parent and a positive look on the teacher. Friends! How many of us have them? Friends! A friend have the strongest effect on a child. Peer pressure comes into the picture and children tend to stop listening to the parents and teachers. This makes the friend the most important person. This is the bad effect, which make the road hard. The good effect is when the friend give positive and encouraging advice. Hoping to make the road a little easier.
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