The Effect of Technology on Education

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The Effect of Technology on Education

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Rosemary Martin


July 21, 2010

The Effect of Technology on Education
In this year 2010 Technology is making breakthrough’s in regards to education and access to learning material. Studies show test scores have showed little improvement overall since increased use in technology in education However there are increases in aptitude and educational experiences are due to technology in the classroom. Many influences and usages of technology in classroom situations have created arguments within the education yet most experts can agree on technologies greatest contributions. Margaret Honey A vice president at the educational Development center a nonprofit organization stated before the senate subcommittee that “Computer software, internet access and other educational technologies have improved the quality of education.” Many school systems rely on public assistance to purchase new computer equipment. Software or access to data. Most students have scheduled “computer classes” within their classrooms or in a resource centers. In days past if you were researching an item for a project if the library was out of that book you had to find another topic or research item. Now with Google and internet educational sites teachers can d students can access the same information to see the clarity and appropriateness for the class.

Using Technology to introduce historical data and scientific material to students that otherwise would have needed to go to a museum or Science center are not only opening up new worlds of thought for students it is making knowledge more readily available for all students with access to computers that would not be able to afford field trips or books that are outdated. Soon it will be possible to activate all of the resources in school, at home, and in our communities to ensure that no child is left behind no matter how old. By familiarizing early learning with technology students are learning faster and in a broader sense with software geared at their age and learning levels. Well before school families with computers are obtaining software and hardware products to improve school readiness and gain a good foundation for education. Technology has Assisted with standardized test scores within school districts. By monitoring scores on standardized tests you can monitor the teaching material and the comprehension of the students. With this organized data many districts can re think the approaches or textbooks used for increased learning potential. Many state funding is also granted on FCAT scores and other standardized tests. By simulating these tests this will increase the positive outcomes for the students.

Traditional Teachers have been very vocal with their concerns on how technology has affected the “reading, writing and arithmetic” within the class room setting. Because of calculators, spell check and grammar check students are relying more on technology than their pencils and papers. More students complete tasks on computer than ever before and paper and pencil math is becoming infrequent. In elementary school children still are learning traditionally however gradually most resort to calculators and type to complete assignments. Table 1: Percent of public schools that have instructional computers with various characteristics, percentage with instructional computer with internet access. Fall 2008 School CharacteristicsInternet accessInstructional computersLaptops on carts

All Public Schools100%97%58%


Community Type
City 100%97%60%
Suburban 100%97%62%

Source: US Dept of education, National center for education...
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