Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

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William H Hill
Instructor Sharon

Unwrapping the Technology Standards
While in the process of unwrapping the technology standards one must acknowledge that technology as we know it has its advantages and disadvantages. Technology should enhance learning. There is no value in just having access to it but more important how it is used. In this report the discussion will concern the technologies that are available to students K-12 to facilitate teaching, learning and communication. The report before you will also attempt to explore the requirements of grades nine through twelve and reference what’s working and what’s not from the author perspective. As the unwrapping of technology standards continues this report will evaluate how technology is performing in the average classroom to elevate teaching and learning. Discussion in reference to the skill level with technology and the requirements that may be difficult to support from recommendations will also be discuss. Please, with the reader permission allow the unwrapping to begin. The technologies that are available to K-12 teachers that can be utilized in the classroom are very plentiful. The major issues are getting the technology to the classroom. With budget cuts and school district cut backs the future classrooms will have obstacles to overcome. However, the electronic whiteboards are showing up in many classrooms around the country. (2007 ISTE). The electronic whiteboards are interactive and they are connected to a computer that is connected to a projector that will display a screen on a board. The ability to access web sites is possible, teaching interactive lessons as well as games that have lessons created for the whiteboard device. The tradition whiteboard is still available with this device and the capability to save work. Isn’t that a wonderful feature now the teacher does not have to rewrite the day before material again just bring it up. MP3 players...

References: ISTE, (2007) National Educational Technology Standards for Students.,
Atkinson, R., (1968). Computerized Instruction and the Learning Process, American Psychologists 23, 225-239.
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