How Technology Effects Students

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Mind, Technology, Social network service, Psychology / Pages: 3 (628 words) / Published: Apr 7th, 2013
Technology has become this generation's comfort zone. Every where, people are completely consumed by the technology they possess. Cell phones, iPhones, lap tops, kindles, iPads, and other tablets are seen more and heard just as often as one can see and hear conversations being held. Technology is the new language. The problem that is presented with this new language is that if it is a positive attribute to today's students, or if it is a fatal hindrance that leads to a lack of critical thinking and social skills. In the last decade, there has been a significant increase of technology being used in the classrooms: "Using technology in the classroom is becoming easier for teachers. Students are coming to class with more skills" (Education World Tech Team). Using technology makes teaching easier for teachers, in the aspect that they are able to simply present power points and presentations for notes or projects. There are also online review games and videos that may be beneficial in the classroom. Today's students also are eager to use technology in the classroom. They may use laptops in class to take notes or work on projects, and use many websites as sources and citations for papers. Some specialists think that it is a necessity for students to develop along with technology. Dr. Rosanne White, Student Technology Association, said, "Technology is going to be forever changing, they're going to want more and more of it, and it needs to be more and more integrated into their world" (WABC). It is a fact that technology is very convenient in our society that yearns for immediate gratification. If someone wants the answer to a question, they can google the result in seconds. However, the problem posed is that this may be highly damaging today's student's ability to think for themselves and focus on one item at a time. The human mind does not thrive with the use of technology as it does with reading from books: "Reading for pleasure, which has declined

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