The Effect of Gender Discrimination on Job Opportunities Available to Women in the Banking Sector

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The Effect of Gender Discrimination on Job Opportunities available to women in the banking sector

BBA III DOUBLE Major Marketing & Finance
Section A
Group members
ASIM Khawaja

Lahore School Of Economics
Submission Date:
First of all, we would like to thank all mighty Allah who helped us in his mysterious ways. We were very short in time, but even then we were able to carry on our research. Our instructor Ma’am Faryal helped us in every way possible. The project would not have been possible without contribution from all the group members. The introduction was covered by Asim, the literature reviews were dealt by Mr. Ali hassan, the methodology was handled by Mr. Badar ejaz, the body and conclusion was split between Mr. Noman ullah and Miss. Haris Nisar and Mr.Badar ejaz. We would also like to thank the sample we selected for the questionnaires as well as the people who gave us interviews. They were very supportive and without them, the research paper would not have been able to answer the research question.

This research paper is based on an imperative social issue that is normal in the Pakistani society. It is accepted that women discrimination is found in every profession. This research papers aims to identify if gender discrimination is taking the banking sector or not, and if gender discrimination is affecting jobs available for women in the banking sector of Pakistan. Through this research, we have concluded that yes gender discrimination is taking place in the banks in Pakistan and it is affecting jobs available to women. The research also identifies different reasons for such discrimination and tends to find a solution to this growing problem.

The Constitution of Pakistan maintains that all citizens are met under the watchful eye of the law and are qualified for equivalent insurance. It forbids segregation on the support of sex and confers the State to take strides to guarantee the full interest of women in all circles of essence. Even if the law is implemented and women do get equal rights as men in the society, there are still areas where gender discrimination is present, especially in the job market. Our point in exchange is identified with the work discriminations females' face in the banking sector of Pakistan. Banking sector is quite a vast sector and the whole financial transaction of the nation is by one means or another, subject to it. Unfortunately it is ordinarily recognized that the banking sector of Pakistan is a male dominating sector. We’ll be discussing about the male dominance in the sector, and would like to investigate whether there is female discrimination present in the banking sector or not. Our focus would be on the job difficulties, wage differentials, general preferences and other issues female workers have to face in a banking environment.

We’ll carry our research with keeping in mind the conflict approach. Conflict arises between the genders, as one gender (male) is given superiority over the other gender (female). The notion is that in the banking sector job market is dominated by male subordinates. The conflict arises due to this reason. Females feel discriminated as they have lesser jobs in the sector, and if there are jobs for them, they have lower pays and chances of prosperity are very less given the conditions.

Literature review
The article “Missing Subjects: Gender, Power, and Sexuality in Merchant Banking”* by Linda McDowell and Gillian Court talks about the issue of sex division in the banking sector. Methodology used in this article is all based on past surveys. Many surveys related to banking and female association with the banking sector are quoted. Along with past data interviews were taken from both male and female bankers. The feminization of the labor force has been profound, particularly in the last decade. No less than...
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