The Effect of Apple's Marketing Strategy on Consumer Purchasing Behavior

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The Effect of Apple’s Marketing Strategy on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour

Hamza Sajed
BA International Marketing (Hons)
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Dissertation Title| The effect of Apple’s marketing strategy on consumers purchasing behaviour|

Apple has a track record of brand loyal customers, who repeat purchase from Apple, especially on the launch of a new product. The current study attempted to determine consumer purchasing decisions from Apple and non-Apple customers. To do this, the study- through the use of questionnaire’s looked at consumer based emotions and attitudes towards such products, to decipher how Apple maintained a strong sense of brand loyalty- which in turn causes consumers to repeat purchase. Analysis of consumer opinions in regards to branding and advertising was taken into consideration, to conclude whether these variables affected the mind-set of the consumer.

All praise be to Allah for blessing me with the best opportunities in this life. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mohammed Boussoura, who has advised me on this project throughout the last year and has provided me with the knowledge to complete this task. I am very grateful for your help. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for my my beautiful wife, Elisa, who has supported me throughout the duration of this project. She, over the last year has been a mother, wife, student and genius simultaneously and without her help and guidance I would have not completed this to the best of my ability. Thank you, you are amazing. For my amazing daughter, Ava. You have come into my life and made everything better. This is for you. You are my motivation to succeed.

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Chapter 1: Introduction1
1.1 Apple Incorporated
1.2 Research Question
1.3 Objectives
Chapter 2: Literature Review5
Chapter 3: Methodology13
3.1 Research Philosophies
3.1.1 Ontology
3.1.2 Epistemology
3.1.3 Philosophies
3.2 Business Research Techniques
3.3 Design
3.4.1 Hypothesis
3.4.2 Sample
3.4.3 Method
3.4 Challenges
3.5 Alternative Methods of Research
Chapter 4: Results and Analysis24
4.1 Results
4.2 Weaknesses
4.3 Context
4.4 Conclusions
4.5 Summary
4.6 Research Potential

Chapter 1
As a new product enters the retail environment, its arrival must be made apparent through the use of clever marketing ploys and campaigns that tease the consumer towards its advent. This millennia has seen vast digitalisation and technological advancements into which consumers are magnetically drawn to, with products which are not only designed to make life 'simpler' and 'up-to-date' but also containing the latest must have applications and power and speed credentials. Marketing has proven an effective tool in determining the status of such merchandise, and one company as such has marketed its products differently to competitors to achieve somewhat of an advantage over other leading market competitors, influencing attitudes and behaviours of consumers. 1.1 Apple...

Business Research may be defined as the “systematic and objective process of gathering, recording and analyzing data for aid in making business decisions” (Zikmund, 2002)
According to Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill (2009) research has a number of characteristics;
* Data is collected systematically
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