The Effect of Agriculture On Civilization

Topics: Domestication, Agriculture, Neolithic Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: April 30, 2014
Agriculture is the foundation from which civilization started from. If we did not have agriculture we would still be wandering around hunting small game and gathering anything edible that we might find. We would also have a very low population rate because we would not be able to stalk prey with a lot of people and we would have to kill more animals then there would be to survive. There is something good about not having agriculture. We would not have made so much pollution and the hole in the ozone would have never happened. Even though having agriculture is bad it is also good to. Agriculture made us smarter; it let us fly across the world while watching a movie on TV. It let us have more freedom to do what we want, instead of roaming the endless earth to find food. This all started in 8000 BCE.

 Because there are no written records between 8000 BCE and 5000 BCE, when many of the first plants and animals where domesticated, we cannot be absolutely certain how and why some people took these new ways of producing food and other necessities in to their lives. The climate changes from the melting glaciers left over from the last ice age could have played a big part in the migration of some animals that the hunters and gathers used to domesticate. “Though several animals may have been domesticated before the discovery of agriculture, the two processes combined to make up the critical transformation in human culture called the Neolithic (New Stone Age) revolution. Different animal species were tamed in different ways that reflected both their own natures and the ways in which they interacted with humans. Dogs, for example, were originally wolves that hunted humans or scavenged at their campsites. As early as 12,000 B.C., Stone Age peoples found that wolf pups could be tamed and trained to track and corner game. The strains of dogs that gradually developed proved adept at controlling herd animals like sheep.”(“Agriculture”) Like animals plants were also domesticated...
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