The Educational Benefits of Television

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The Educational Benefits of Television

Many people have been concerned about the effects of television. Television has became an important influences in our lives. If used wisely, television has many benefits especially for educational function. The educational benefits of television are to educate the public through educational and entertaining programs, increase the intelligence development of children, and can be used as an educational tool to everyone in the world. Educational and entertainment programs which usually called as ‘edutainment’ is entertainment programs that is designed to educate as well as to entertain. There are many programs that not only entertaining but also have some educational values. One of the educational television program that very popular is the Discovery Channel. This channel is actually aimed for adults, and are very educative and entertaining. There is still a program for children to learn alphabet and increase children’s willingness to read, such as “Little Enstein”. Trough those programs, people can learn many thing about the society. Children also can develop their knowledge and can learn many things. It can be a very useful and effective learning tool. Another benefit of televison is that it can increase the intelligence development of children. There have been many studies proved that television may increase the intelligence development. A study by the University of Texas in Austin shows that children who watched educational programs can gets higher score on test than those who watch general entertainment programs. That study states that it happens because they use televison intelligently. Moreover, television can be used as a great educational tool to everyone in the world. Educational television helps people to learn in any places. It can sends the informations everywhere, including students who live in countryside, so they can have the same informations and education as the students in the city. Furthermore,...
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