Topics: Television, Affect, Psychology, Brain, Retina, Effect / Pages: 2 (415 words) / Published: May 17th, 2015
Negative Effects of Watching Television on Children A television is one of the most popular inventions in the 20th century. It plays important role in our lives, and it also main source of entertainment. Statistics say that there’s t least one TV in every American house. It has many benefits and also negative effects on children such as makes the children’s health bad, brain damaged, and learns children aggressive behavior.
The first negative effect of watching TV is that it can make the children’s health bad. The body needs physical activities to burn calories, but most children watch TV for long time and tend to eat snacks while watching television, and forced their parents to buy them. In addition, they sit for hours in front of the TV screen will reduce the movement of blood and thus lead to obesity. Moreover, it exposes them to a lot of diseases such as high cholesterol or heart weakness. Also, it may weak their eyesight at young age. Blue rays emitted from the TV negatively affected the retina. With the passage of time, network performance decreases and weakens sight. The scientists discovered when the children spend hours eyes on TV screen, their retinal blood vessels will be narrowed.
The second negative effect of watching TV is that brain damaged, because they give a lot of attention their brain will lose a lot of Nerves, so, watching TV too much may reduce the ability to focus and awareness. Also, causes many serious effects on a child's concentration and which reduce the development of body and mind, such as hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. In addition, it affects to child's ability to read. subsequently, they delayed language development and become slow to speak.
The last negative effect of watching TV is that learn children aggressive behavior. Researchers have found that children are more aggressive after watching violent TV shows. This is because children’s minds are not yet that completely developed, and they are not fully capable of

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